Mission Successful


I really enjoyed the Southern California Writers’ Conference this weekend.  It was my first experience at a conference and I had my doubts but now feel that it was an important step for me as a writer.  I think it is our nature as storytellers to be so wrapped up in a world of our own making that we forget that as human beings, we need to connect with others that share our interest.  In this way we can grow and branch out as writers (and even learn a few new tricks).

The speakers were characters unto themselves.  I especially liked Wendy Tokunaga and Ryka Aoki.  Brilliant writers as well as engaging (& hilarious) speakers.  Even though I write sci-fi/fantasy, I even found the staff for Romance/Chick Lit to be riveting in their discussions.  It really didn’t matter what the genre was, I was hooked on every word.

Check out the conference link below along with these nifty author sites if you get a chance.  I attended their lectures and will be adding some of their works to my goodreads list.






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