Happy birthday, Howl Pendragon!

The Book Wars

Happy birthday, Howl Pendragon!

Er, Wizard Howl, er, Sorcerer Jenkins, er, Howell Jenkins, or whatever name he currently goes by. Anyway, it is Howl’s birthday today, February 5th, and therefore I declare it is a Celebrate Sophie and Howl and Diana Wynne Jones Day.

But how do we celebrate Howl’s birthday? The clamoring crowds of DWJ fans demand to know.

Nothing simpler. First off, wake late. Unless you have something to do, in which case you must do it with hitherto unexpected energy. Devote elaborate care to your appearance: spend about two hours in the bathroom in the morning, washing yourself and arranging your locks. You may wish to dye your hair. Make sure that nobody has touched your many potions, lotions, and other alchemical ingredients; you don’t want to end up with a pan of bacon and eggs for hair, otherwise known as ginger-tinted flaxen locks.

Choose a scent…

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