Illegal Downloading

Hi readers out there!

I know that downloading is easy but some people prefer to steal rather than pay for the effort an artist puts into his/her work.  I realize that money is hard to make but for those of you who would rather steal than pay for a story written by an author represented by a small publisher…you’re not helping anybody.  If you don’t appreciate my work, then don’t read/steal it…just keep playing Halo/Warcraft.  Blizzard has its riches, I don’t.

For those of you protecting my work such as at the site below, thank you.  Thank you.  You have my heartfelt appreciation for protecting the property of the creative works of artists such as myself.

Ultimately, I want to do this for you for a living…and a living is hard to make, no matter what you do 🙂

I’m doing this for you as well as for me.  I want to entertain you with something fun that will make you smile, laugh, feel fear, be thoughtful, and experience joy.

And while you read the story, I’m right there with you.  The best part of writing a novel is to know that others enjoy it as much as you do.  I even want to provide extras at my home site to give a little extra.  Just because I love you 🙂

If you have a second, take a peek to see what I’m talking about:


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