The Big 30th

Hi friends, family, readers (and those of you who are lucky enough to be both…or all three),

What can I say at this point?  Like pretty much everybody before me, I thought I’d be in my twenties forever and by that I mean FOREVER.  But time passes (whether we want it to or not) and we grow older.  But it’s been really amazing so far and I’m ready for whatever comes next.  Old adventures expire and yet new ones always arise.  You never know what comes next.

But that’s cool.  I’d rather be writing the story as opposed to finishing it (but I do have an outline(s), no worries).

Anyhow…speaking of stories and new adventures…here’s a little peak at Book 3.

Joanna Van Westenra Poster Flat

That’s right, Art of Zafira will be coming your way real soon.  And don’t call Joanna Jo.  Just don’t.

She doesn’t like it.



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